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How to transfer files to iSilo™ for iPhone OS on Mac OS X

  1. The following screenshot shows as highlighted the URL you can use to access the Sites folder under your home directory. The Sites folder is where you store the files you want to publish on your web server. The part of the URL consisting of the numbers and periods is the IP address of your computer. It is possible that these numbers may change from time to time, so if you use the IP address to refer to your computer, you may want to verify what it is from time to time on this screen. If the other device or computer that you use to access your Mac OS X web server has Bonjour, then you can use your computer's name suffixed with .local as the address. This is shown in the Computer Name field near the top of the window.

    If summary, if you use the IP address of your computer, then in this example, the URL would be:

    If you use your computer's name, then in this example, the URL would be:


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