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How to transfer files to iSilo™ for iPhone OS on Mac OS X

  1. In the Download view, enter the web server address into the address bar. Since we copied the files to the iSilo subfolder within our Sites folder we need to append /iSilo to the URL. As noted in the steps on turning on Web Sharing on our system, we had two possible ways to address our computer. Appending /iSilo to those options, gives the following two URLs we can use:
    • http://MyMac.local/~JohnnyJaneJr/iSilo
    We use the first one here, but either is fine. After entering the address into the text field, tap Done on the onscreen keyboard. You should then get a listing of the files in the iSilo subfolder. Note that in the screenshot, the computer name has been lowercased and a slash is appended to the end of the URL. Both ways are acceptable.

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