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tutorial: iSilo™ quick start

This quick start guide shows you how to install the iSilo™ document reader application and a document to your Palm OS™ device and then shows you how to view the document on your device.

If you have not yet downloaded the iSilo™ document reader application file (usually provided under the file name "iSilo.prc"), then you need to do that first by downloading it from the download area. It is provided there along with some supporting files inside a compressed ZIP file. You will need an unzip utility such as WinZip or StuffIt Expander™ to extract it.

In addition to iSilo™, you will need a sample iSilo™ document. A good one is the iSilo™ document reader manual, which is included in the same ZIP file that contains "iSilo.prc". It is named "iSiloManual.pdb".

installing to your device
You use the Palm Install Tool to install the iSilo™ document reader application and ready-made documents to your device. The Palm Install Tool should have been installed on your computer automatically when you installed your handheld's desktop software. To start the Palm Install Tool, click the Start menu, click Programs, then click Palm Desktop, and finally click Install Tool:

Note that your desktop software may look a little different depending on which version of the desktop software you have and on which operating system you are using.

After clicking "Install Tool", you should get the Install Tool application dialog as shown here:

Either drag and drop the files named "iSilo.prc" and "iSiloManual.pdb" to the dialog or click Add to get the Open dialog to select the files. The files should now be listed:

Click Done to dismiss the Install Tool dialog. You are then informed that the files will be installed the next time you perform a HotSync®. Click OK:

You can now perform a HotSync® so that the files transfer to your handheld.

using iSilo™ to view a document
After following the above steps and performing a HotSync®, you will have iSilo™ and its manual on your device. In the application launcher, you should see the iSilo™ application icon. Tap the icon to start iSilo™.

You immediately see the main document list view with the document that you installed. Specifically, you see the title of the iSilo™ manual document. Tap the document title to open the document.

You now see the first screen of the document. Use the hardware scroll down button to scroll down a screen.

Here you see the beginning of the table of contents that lists the topics in the manual. The table of contents is a hyperlinked table of contents, so you can simply tap on a topic to jump to that topic. You can now read the manual to familiarize yourself with how to use the application.

Congratulations on having successfully installed iSilo™ and a document to your device. You can follow similar steps to install additional ready-made documents to your device. iSilo™ supports documents in both the iSilo™ format and the Palm Doc format. You can find collections of such documents at MemoWare as well as other sites.
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