Tables: Long and Wide

Though not easily viewable on a small screen, iSilo™ can also display tables with many rows and columns.

Model CPU speed Color RAM OS
Palm III 16MHz 2-bit 2MB 3.0
Palm IIIx 16MHz 4-bit 4MB 3.1
Palm IIIe 16MHz 4-bit 2MB 3.3
Palm IIIxe 16MHz 4-bit 8MB 3.5
Palm IIIc 20MHz 8-bit 8MB 3.5
Palm V 16MHz 4-bit 2MB 3.1
Palm Vx 20MHz 4-bit 8MB 3.3/3.5
Palm VII 16MHz 4-bit 2MB 3.2
Palm VIIx 20MHz 4-bit 8MB 3.5
Palm m100 16MHz 4-bit 2MB 3.5.1
Palm m105 16MHz 4-bit 8MB 3.5.1
Palm m500 33MHz 4-bit 8MB 3.5.1
Palm m505 33MHz 16-bit 8MB 3.5.1