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the document list view

When you start iSilo™ for the first time, you start in iSilo™'s
document list view. The document list view initially shows the Favorite Folders view, one of five possible views of documents you have installed on your device. The Favorite Folders view allows you to easily see the list of documents in a specific folder path across all volumes or memory cards mounted on your device. A default installation of iSilo™ adds the path "\Data\Documents\iSilo\" as a Favorite Folder with the alias "iSilo" and the path "\Documents\iSilo\" with the alias "iSilo - ext". Initially, the views show only files with extensions of either .pdb or .prc. Generally files in iSilo™ format have the extension .pdb, though not all files with the extension .pdb are necessarily in iSilo™ format.

The default installation of iSilo™ installs the iSilo Display Sample and iSilo Manual documents to the "\Data\Documents\iSilo\" folder of the installation volume so you should see those documents listed in the Favorite Folders view of the document list view.

To open a document for viewing, tap on its file name. When you open a document for viewing, iSilo™ transfers you to the read view.

In addition to being able to open documents for viewing, some other things you can do in the document list view include categorizing, deleting, and renaming files. This additional functionality is available in the File sub-menu of the Menu.

For more information about the document list view, see document list view. For more information about the document types iSilo™ recognizes, see document types.

the read view

The read view presents the content of the document for viewing. When you view a given document for the first time, you start at the beginning of the document. A document may consist of one or more pages and the content of each page may either fit entirely within the bounds of the screen or if it does not, you can scroll through the page.

You can drag the stylus or your finger across the screen to scroll in the direction that you drag. iSilo™ actually provides a number of configurable options for scrolling. See navigation for more on navigating through a document, including information on all the different ways of scrolling and jumping to different parts of a document.

more information

For step-by-step instructions on completing some common tasks, see common tasks. For reference information about the document list view and the read view, see document list view and read view, respectively.
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