Font Silo™

Font Silo™gives you the ability to install your own fonts and to choose which fonts to use on an individual document basis. You can optionally choose not to install Font Silo™ to save a little bit of memory.

supported text encodings

Font Silo™ supports only single-byte text encodings such as the windows-1252 Western European text encoding. If a document is specified to have any other encoding such as any of the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text encodings, then the document displays with the device font even if you select installed fonts for the document.

In the case where a document does not specify its encoding, iSilo™ assumes the windows-1252 encoding unless you specifically select the document's encoding using the display options dialog. So in the case where iSilo™ does not know a document's encoding and you do not manually specify the encoding, iSilo™ assumes the windows-1252 encoding and thus enables the use of Font Silo™ for the document. This would be undesirable behavior if the document's actual encoding is not windows-1252. For example, a document does not specify its encoding, you know that it is encoded using the Shift-JIS Japanese encoding, and your device supports the display of Shift-JIS encoded Japanese text. So unless you manually select the document's encoding to be Shift-JIS using the display options dialog, the Japanese text does not display correctly.

supported font formats

Font Silo™ supports the use of the following font formats:

Font Silo™ fonts

A Font Silo™ font set is a collection of bitmapped fonts of one typeface. The set can have any combination of font sizes from 5 to 99 points and for each size, can have multiple styles from plain, bold, italic, and bold italic. You can have as many Font Silo™ font sets installed as the memory of your device allows. These features were designed specifically to support the document display capabilities of iSilo™.

Using "iSiloX for Windows", you can generate a Font Silo™ font set based on any Windows® installed font and scaled to any resolution from 50 to 300 DPI.

FontBucket™ fonts

This font format was developed by Hands High Software <>. You do not need to install the FontBucket™ program to use FontBucket™ fonts with Font Silo™.

A FontBucket™ font database can contain a collection of bitmapped fonts just as a Font Silo™ database can. However, there is no enforced method of specifying point sizes and styles. A single FontBucket™ font database can contain fonts of multiple typefaces.

FontHack fonts

FontHack fonts were the first user-installable fonts developed for the Palm OS®. You do not need to install either a FontHack program nor a hack installation such as HackMaster to use FontHack fonts with Font Silo™.

A FontHack font database usually contains only one font, but in some cases may contain two or more fonts. When choosing a FontHack font for display, all text displays in the same size.

size and style rendering

In documents in iSilo™ format, individual runs of text can have different point sizes and styles.

In the case of Font Silo™ fonts and FontBucket™ fonts, the Font Silo™ rendering engine attempts to find the best size match among the available sizes in the font to use. If the font to use is a FontHack font, then since a FontHack font consists of only one size, only that one size can be used.

In the case of the text style, if the text to be displayed is in bold or italics and no version of the font matches the requested style, Font Silo™ synthesizes the corresponding effect (i.e., bold, italics, or both).

font naming

In the Font Silo Font Manager dialog and in the Font Options dialog, the list of fonts uses the following naming conventions for each supported font format:

These conventions allow you to easiliy determine the format of the fonts you have installed on your device.

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