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While viewing some content, after some amount of time, the display blinks and the content repositions to other than where I was apparently reading. Why is this?

The apparent blink is iSilo™ redrawing the content as a result of the content you are currently viewing containing a table or contained inside a table.

In iSilo™, when you go to a page containing tables, iSilo™ can not display the tables until it has finished formatting them for the particular display of your handheld, but while it is doing this formatting in the background, it allows you to start reading the content. After it finishes formatting the page, if you are currently viewing content in a table, then the table content is finally redisplayed in table format. The blink that you see is actually iSilo™ drawing the table. The delay until the blink is the time during which iSilo™ formats the page. If it appears that the content is repositioned, it is because iSilo™ displays the content at the start of the table row that contains the content you were viewing. In this case, it is probably also the case that the entire page was formatted as a table.

If the page does not contain anything that looks like multi-column tabular data, then it is probably not necessary to view the content in table format. In this case, you can tell iSilo™ to essentially ignore table formatting. To do so for a document you are viewing, do the following:

  1. Go to the Options menu and tap Display.
  2. In the Display Options dialog, tap the popup list trigger for the Layout field.
  3. Tap the Disable table layout entry in the list.
  4. Tap OK to accept the new setting.
In Disable table layout mode, iSilo™ displays each cell of a table on a new line and wraps the content to the width of the display.
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