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What are some of the things I can do to speed things up such as scrolling when I view a document?

1-bit color mode

On most devices, when the display is set to 1-bit color mode, drawing to it is noticeably quicker than in higher color modes. To change the color mode, tap Display in the Options menu and then change the Color field in the Display Options dialog.

single column table mode

If the document uses tables either for formatting entire pages or specifically for tabular data, then iSilo™ has to do additional work to display the tables. If you set the table mode to single column display, then iSilo™ does not have to do the extra work associated with displaying tables. To change the table mode to single column mode, tap Display in the Options menu and then change the Tables field from Multi-column to Single column.

place the document internally

Display of documents located on external memory cards can be noticeably slower than display of documents located in your handheld's internal memory. So if you want to improve the performance when using a given document, placing it in your handheld's internal memory rather than on an external memory card is one of the things you can do.

use a lower resolution

On higher resolution devices, the increased number of pixels also means more data to process. Though the main advantage of the increased resolution is the ability to display more data, it can also result in a slower display of the data. You can decrease the resolution with the tradeoff that less data can be displayed at once. For example, if you have a device supporting 320x320 resolution you can reduce the amount of work performed four times by changing the mode to 160x160 resolution.
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