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Some documents display text wider than the screen so that I have to scroll horizontally in order to read it. Why doesn't the text wrap? Is there a way to force it to wrap?

There are two reasons why text may display across an area wider than the physical screen width: preformatted content and table content.

preformatted content

If the content is specified as being preformatted, then iSilo™ does not wrap it to fit the width of the screen, and only breaks lines at locations as specified by the author of the document.

If the original source of the document is in HTML, then the <pre> tag would have been used to force the content to be preformated. There is no way within iSilo™ to force preformatted content to wrap differently.

table content

Usually if the document was created directly from that of a website designed with only desktop displays in mind, then tables would have been used to format the content for display and most likely a specified width was given to each column. If the resulting table is wider than the screen, then it follows that on smaller screens, you would need to scroll horizontally to see more of the table.

You can tell iSilo™ to essentially ignore table formatting. To do so for a document you are viewing, do the following:

  1. Go to the Options menu and tap Display.
  2. In the Display Options dialog, tap the popup list trigger for the Tables field.
  3. Tap the Single column entry in the list.
  4. Tap OK to accept the new setting.
In Single column mode, iSilo™ displays each cell of a table on a new line and wraps the content to the width of the display.

iSiloX conversion options

If you used iSiloX to convert the content to iSilo™ format, then there are options within iSiloX you can set before converting so that the content does not span wider than the screen.

For preformatted content, in the Properties dialog for the entry you created, click the Text tab. For the Single line breaks option, you can select either Remove all or Keep if a space or tab character follows to remove the preformatted line breaks.

For table content, in the Properties dialog for the entry you created, click the Tables tab. There are several options available. Selecting Ignore all table formatting removes all table formatting information so that the content of cells are output to new lines with the cells being taken from the table from left to right and top to bottom. The default option is Process table formatting which keeps all the table formatting information. But there are several additional options you can set in this case. Please see the iSiloX help documentation for more information about these options.

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