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iSilo™ seems to ignore the options I set for the jog wheel and uses whatever behavior I set for the screen up/down buttons.

An example of the behavior is if you set the scroll options for the jog wheel to line up and line down and the hardware buttons to screen up and screen down, but when you use the jog dial, it scrolls by a screen rather than by a line.

This happens if you modify the behavior of the jog wheel from its default using the Prefs application's Side Buttons panel. If you set the jog wheel to issue PageUp/PageDown commands, then when you rotate the jog wheel, the HandEra™ 330 issues PageUp/PageDown commands to the currently running application, so it appears to the application as if the hardware up/down buttons are pressed. Only if you leave the setting for the jog wheel at its default of PrevField/NextField can the application (i.e., iSilo) differentiate between the jog wheel and the hardware up/down buttons.

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