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How to enter your registration code into iSilo™ for Palm OS®


When you purchase a license for iSilo™ for Palm OS®, you receive a registration code that you enter into iSilo™ so that it becomes registered. The instructions below provide step-by-step instructions on entering your registration code into iSilo™ for Palm OS®. These instructions assume that you have already installed iSilo™ for Palm OS® to your Palm OS® device.

Note that the images shown here may differ from your particular setup depending on the version of iSilo™ you have installed, the version of Palm OS® running on your device, and third party software that you may have installed, but the instructions are pretty much the same.


  1. From the Palm OS® application launcher, start iSilo™ by tapping its icon.

  2. iSilo™ starts and if you are in the trial period, a dialog may appear and inform you of this. Tap OK to dismiss the dialog.

  3. If you were viewing a document the last time you exited iSilo™, then you need to close the document by tapping the X in the lower left to return to iSilo™'s document list view. If you were not viewing a document the last time you exited iSilo™ or it is the very first time you have started iSilo™, then you should already be in the document list view.

  4. In iSilo™'s document list view, tap the button labeled UNREGISTERED that is in the lower right. The document list view shows the documents you have installed on your device. This means that the documents listed in the image below will likely differ from the documents you have installed on your device.

  5. After tapping the UNREGISTERED button, the Register iSilo dialog appears. This is where you enter the registration code that you received after purchasing your license for iSilo™ for Palm OS®.

  6. In the Register iSilo dialog, enter your registration code into the field, then tap OK. Note that the registration code shown in the image is not a valid registration code. So make sure that you enter the unique registration code that you received.

    If you get a message informing you that you entered an invalid registration code, see the troubleshooting section below.

  7. If you entered your registration code correctly, then iSilo™ returns you to the document list view and removes the UNREGISTERED button.

  8. Congratulations on successfully completing the registration.


If you had any difficulties in entering your registration code, read further for suggestions.
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