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How to open a document located on a memory card in iSilo™ for Windows Mobile™ Smartphone


These instructions show you how to use iSilo's document list view to locate a document you have stored on a memory card.

The following step-by-step instructions assume that you have a Windows Mobile™ Smartphone device and that you have installed iSilo™ for Windows Mobile™ Smartphone. The screenshots are from a Windows Mobile™ 5.0 Smartphone device, but the instructions are the same for other versions of Windows Mobile™ Smartphone, such as Windows Mobile™ Smartphone 2002, Windows Mobile™ Smartphone 2003, Windows Mobile™ Smartphone 2003SE, and Windows Mobile™ 6.0 Standard.

Note that the images shown here may differ from your particular setup depending on the version of iSilo™ you have installed, the version of Windows Mobile™ Smartphone running on your device, and third party software that you may have installed, but the instructions are pretty much the same.


  1. When you start iSilo for the first time, you start at the top level of iSilo's document list view. The document list view initially shows the view selection list identified by the label "Select View" at the top, providing five different views of documents you have installed on your device. If you need to go up the document list view hierarchy, use the Back key. So if you are not currently at the top level of the document list view as shown in the screenshot below, use the Back key until you go back up to it.

  2. The Favorite Folders view, the fourth top level view listed, is a view that allows you to set up shortcuts to folders that you access often by assigning an alias to each such folder. A default installation of iSilo sets up a favorite folder with the alias "iSilo" that maps to the "\My Documents\iSilo" folder.

  3. If you enter the Favorite Folders view, you should see the "iSilo" favorite folder listed.

  4. If you then enter the "iSilo" favorite folder, you should see at least two documents listed. A default installation installs the iSilo Display Sample and iSilo Manual document files to the "\My Documents\iSilo" folder of the internal storage memory. The screenshot also shows another document named "A Great Novel" that we happened to have stored in the "\My Documents\iSilo" folder of a memory card we have inserted in the device. The card icon in the bottom left of the document icon indicates that the document file resides on a memory card.

    A folder associated with a favorite folder alias thus allows a listing of documents across all storage volumes that are in the associated folder. In this case, going into the "iSilo" favorite folder shows documents in the "\My Documents\iSilo" folder of the internal storage memory as well as those in the "\My Documents\iSilo" folder of the memory card we have inserted.

  5. If we hit the Back key twice, we should then be back up to the list of top level views from where we can scroll down to "Device & Storage Cards". The Device & Storage Cards view provides a view similar to a file browser in which we can navigate to any application-accessible folder on both internal and external storage volumes.

  6. Entering the Device & Storage Cards view, we get a list of the storage volumes on our device.

  7. In our case, the third volume is the one representing the memory card we have inserted in our device.

  8. Entering that third volume, we get a listing of the top-level folders on our memory card. We can enter any of those folders.

  9. We happen to have a document file stored in the "Documents" folder, so we enter that folder and see our document named "Today's News".

  10. At this point you should now know how to navigate to the directory of the memory card where you have stored the documents you want to open.

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