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How to copy files for iSilo™ for BlackBerry®


These instructions show you how to copy a document file to the storage card of your BlackBerry® device so that you can view the document with iSilo™ for BlackBerry®.

You can use a USB cable to connect your BlackBerry® device to your computer so that your device's storage card appears as a USB storage device to your computer. You can then easily copy files from your computer to the storage card of your device.

The following step-by-step instructions use this method to show you how to do so using a computer running Windows Vista Home Basic to copy a couple of document files to a BlackBerry® Pearl™ device.

The method for copying files described in this article also works for other operating systems that support USB storage devices, which essentially all modern operating systems do. The screenshots for the BlackBerry® device in this article may differ slightly from your specific BlackBerry® device, but the same concepts apply.

These instructions assume you have iSilo™ installed on your BlackBerry® device.

Note that the images shown here may differ from your particular setup depending on the version of iSilo™ you have installed and the version of Windows Vista on your system, but the instructions are pretty much the same even if your computer does not run Vista. The screenshots in this article were taken on a system running Windows Vista Home Basic.


  1. Connect your BlackBerry® device to your computer using the USB cable. The device then asks whether you want to turn on Mass Storage Mode. Click Yes.

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