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How to add a shortcut to the home screen for iSilo™ for Android™


These instructions show you how to add a shortcut to the home screen of your Android™ device, so that you can directly open the file in iSilo™ for Android™ from your home screen.

The following step-by-step instructions use this method to show you how to do so using an Android™ device running Android version 4.1.1. The screenshots for the Android™ device in this article may differ slightly from your specific Android™ device, but the same concepts apply.

These instructions assume you have iSilo™ installed on your Android™ device.

The other requirement is that you have the ASTRO File Manager installed, which you can get from Google Play.


  1. On the Favorites Tray at the bottom of the home screen, tap the All Apps button in the center.

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